Icon Emotion Icon Emotion
:) Smiley face B:-) Wears Sun Glasses On Top Of Head
;) Wink :-T Keeping A Straight Face/Tight Lipped
:-( Unhappy, sad :-y Said With A Smile
:-o Suprised :-| Disgusted/Grim/No Expression
:-p Sticking out your tongue :~-( Crying/Shed A Tear
:-* A big kiss :'-( Crying
Abbreviations: :~(~~ Crying
OAS On Another Subject :-J Tongue in Cheek (looks better on Windoze®)
OARS On a Related Subject :-^^ Go to He_ _, Get Outta Here
BTW By The Way :-Q A Smoker
LOL Laughing out loud :-! A Smoker
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing %-\ Has A Hangover
BRB Be right back |-o Bored
BBL Be Back Later :-X My Lips Are Sealed
BAK Back at keyboard (:-D Has A Big Mouth
IDM It Don't Matter (:+) Has A Big Nose
AFAIK As far as I know :-{) Has A Moustache
ISP Internet Service Provider :-* Just Ate Something Sour/Bitter Taste/Kiss
AKA Also Known As [:-) Wearing A Walkman
TLA Three Letter Acronym(s) (:-) Bicycle Helmet
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury (c.t.) (-) Needs A Haircut
:-) Happy :-)' Tends To Drool
(-: Left Handed/Australian ;-(*) Feels Sick
:-( Sad =:-) Punk
;-) Winky *****:-) Marge Simpson
,-) A One Eyed Wink Z:-) Bart Simpson
#-) Oh, what a night! +-:-) The Pope
:-/ Undecided :-{ ) With a mustache
:-O Yelling/Shocked [:] A Robot
:-| Frowning O:-) An Angel or Pope
:^) :^] ;^) profile version :-[ A Vampire
<g> Grin *<:-)> Santa
ROTF Rolling on the floor *<|:-) Santa/A Clown
ROTFLOL Rolling on the floor, laughing out loud BI A frog
GTH Go To He_ _ :-? Smokes A Pipe
IMHO In my humble opinion 5:-) Elvis Presley
IOHO In our humble opinion :-a Smiley touching her tongue to her nose
IMO In my opinion (|-|) Death/Dead
BTW By the way >>:-<< Very Mad
RTFM Read the f****** manual! (-:|:-) Siamese Twins
MLAS My lips are sealed ;^) Smirking
~~:-[ Net Flame 7:-) Fred Flinstone
:-$ Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is >>:-1 Klingon
:-P Sticking Out Tongue :-----} Pinnochio (you lie)
:-@ Screaming/Swearing/Very Angry/About To Be Sick C):-OOOO A Barbershop Quartet
:*) Drunk/Clown ::=69 69 (oooooooooooh)
>;-> Wicked Grin :-)  ' Zipper Open
:-# Kiss [^ ]:-) Thinking Out of the Box
R-) Broken Glasses !-( Black Eye
(:-) Bald 3:-o A Cow
:-))) Is Very Fat (:-D Blabber Mouth
:-{} Wears Lipstick 8:-) A Pig/A Little Girl
@:-) Wears A Turban.... oooooooh *#*!^*&:-) A Schizo phrenic
>:-> Leering :\/ A Woodpecker
$-) Just Won A Large Sum Of Money :-'| Has A Cold/Flu
:,( Crying ]:-> The Devil
:=) Two Noses < (::-) > Morning after the night before
8:] Gorilla :$) Donald Trump
8-) Wears Glasses