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Website Design and Maintenance:

Here is what you get:

• A domain name of your choice, given availability.
You can go out to www.godaddy.com website and see if the name you're looking for is available. Type in the domain name just below where it says: Start your domain name search here: If you'd like, I can do it for you.

The domain name (and website) is owned by you and it's stated on the front of every website I design. Some web designers that develop sites and acquire the domain name for the client hold that domain name as if they own it. I don't.. the client owns it regardless of who is paying for the registration. If I do register it for you, it's yours but I'm using it. Pet-peve of mine.... I know some web 'people' hold the domain name as ransom.

• A website, pull down menus is used for larger websites, with 1 and 10+ pages, listing alpacas; males, females, studs and foundation herd, a page that discusses your ranch and your special features that sets you apart from other alpaca owners.
• A page of web links. Other than the obvious (ARI, AOBA, ABR, AFCNA, ARF, etc.) you can send me any that you'd like.
• A map to your location so visitors can come and visit you. (If you wish)
• A contact us page so visitors can type in their name, address, phone, email, comments, etc and send it to you with a eye catching subject so you won't miss them in your inbox.
A speciality of my sites is they are equiped with anti-spam features that prevent the harvesting of email addresses by spammers.
• Forwarded email addresses of your choice. Example: alpacas@yourdomainname.com is a real email address that is automatically redirected to your actual email address.
• Access to your stats of your website, to show you where, when and number of visitors are coming from.
• A front page counter of hits of visitors.
• The date and time graphic on the front page.

What do I need from you? Thought you'd never ask!
Pictures of alpacas, ranch, area, anything you'd like on the site.

Your logo, address, phone, cell #s and email address(es) if you want that information on the site.

Copy of ARI spreadsheet with modifications: Only the alpacas you want on the website, marked with sale price (if you wish) and any other information you'd like to have.

The ARI listing of all of your registered herd can be downloaded in the form of a spreadsheet from the 'members only' area of the ARI website. I do require this information be in digital form. This way I can copy/paste in the information directly from the source... retyping creates errors!

I also request (in digital form) the description for each animal. Let me know what alpaca information you'd like on the site. Your choice.

Have a special page background graphic? ...send it to me I'll put it on the website.

Any special requirements? We'll do our best to work them in.

My maintenance cost ranges between $150 to $1000 a year depending upon the size of the site and the work required to maintain it. I only take on small to medium website. Rarely do I design and maintain store fronts... E-commerce sites. But will design and build sites that use PayPal. Additional cost may be required due to the 'store front' software.

I don't charge by the hour. My cost is based upon the estimated amout of time, I spend doing updates in a year's time. The initial website design is an additional cost. For small to medium sites it may range from $200-$400. Sometimes less for smaller sites, perhaps more for the upper range sites.

If you need references and sample of sites I currently maintain.. contact me.

One more thing... Alpaca Owners....Are you aware of Alpacanation and Openherd? I suggest you take a look at these if you don't already know about it. Cost starts at (at last check) $250/year.  Openherd.com has free and priced services

It's your's, you change it, you make all the modifications. The site takes care of the marketing.

If you want less expensive.... There is always GoDaddy.com (and others), it's very nice with less cost.

GoDaddy has Do-It-Yourself websites.. with ecommerce!

AlpacaGraphics Price list

Contact me for a list of sites