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Get your Google Account here and a free email address!-$0 Adding a Site/Verification - Get listed on the search engine-$0 AdWords - Advertise on Google search pages-($+)
Analytics - Tracking visitors-$0 Insights for Search - What are visitors looking for-$0. AdSense - Put Google ads on your website - make $ ! -($-)
Optimizer - Find out what visitors like-$0. Urchin Software -Traffic Analysis ($+?) DoubleClick - Proprietary Ad Management-($+?)
SEO, ah yes three letter acronym that means everthing in page rank. You Tube - A terrific free advertising tool-($0).

Get Your Google Account Here!:
All of these tools and Google Resources require you to have a Google Account.
Along with that you'll have a email address. You don't have to use it, but it is your username to access these tools.
Cost: $0
Get Started:

Generally you can find the information contained within from Google's website by starting here:

Google Analytics :
Can be used for ALL websites.

Purpose: Tracking your website visitors.

Cost: $0

To get started:
Click on the Product Tour video.

Then click on Access Analytics button to get started.

Gives you a wide variety of ways to track visitors, using reports, graphs, number of visitors, where they came from, how long they stayed, what pages did they navigate to more often. Very flexible, you can customize your own graphs and charts and track ecommerce.

Must have access to your website code on your main (index) page.

You can track visitors to:

  • a single website,
  • one domain with multiple subdomains,
  • multiple top-level campaigns or a
  • Google AdWord Campaign.
    (AdWord campaigns are not free.)

Google Website Optimizer:

Purpose: To test out different webpage designs to see what design attracts more customers.

First of all this is not a tool to optimize pages on your website, that is, to make them load faster. To optimize an image is to make it webready, small enough, file wise, to load fast but still have the necessary detail to show what you want people browing your website to see. Instead this Optimizer is something completely different.


Getting Started:

You determine a target website page where you would like all of your visitors to end up at on your website. (Buying a product, sign up for a newsletter, etc.)

Then create 3 main pages that do the same thing for your site but have different designs, graphics, highlights, width, length, backgrounds, etc., etc. you track to see which of these pages has a better precentage rate of getting customers to the target page.

You can use many main pages if you want.


Webmaster Tools:

Adding a Site/Verification:

Purpose: Provides the means so Google knows that you own a site (or have owners privileges) before they will show you certain information about it or enable you to use Google tools. Verification doesn't affect PageRank or affect your site's performance in Google's search results.

Cost: $0

The procedure requires that you place a meta tag within the the html code. The meta tag will be created by Google.

Getting Started:


Google Insights for Search:

Purpose: Can be used as a marketing tool to determine the search terms, keywords, etc. that people are searching for.

Cost: $0

To get started:

With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions (countries, states and cities), categories, time frames and properties.

Populatity is based upon search volume for that particular area.


Urchin Software from Google:

Purpose: Analyses traffic for one or more websites

Supported only through Urchin Software Authorized Consultants.

Cost: $?

More information/get started:




Purpose: Increasing your traffic to your website.

Bottom line: Paying money to Google to make your website more visible, i.e. to advertise your website.

Cost: $25/mo to $3-400/mo... or even higher.

How to get started:

Google AdWords

Cost is very flexible, ad can be changed at anytime, cost is determined on how often you'd like the ad to appear. It's called your 'budget', it can be as low or as high as you'd like to go. For minimum results you should budget $25/mo to start.
Ad ad consistes of a title line, 2 lines of description and the 4th line is where you'd like to send people when they click on your ad.
Cost is determined by the number of clicks on your ad.
There is straight forward science, yet lengthly, instructions on how to minimize your budget to get the maximum sales.
Go to a video to get you started.


Google AdSense:

Purpose: Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. AdSense also lets you provide Google search to your site users, while earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.

Cost: $0 ...and Google sends you money!

Getting started:

Occassionally you'll go to a website that has a list of ads with links right on the main page. Right above the lists you'll find the words "Ads by Google".AdSense

AdSense example:

Remember seeing these type of ads on various websites?

You can have probably as many ads as you want. This site (to the right) had three sections of Google Ads.

You get two things here, money when folks click the ads and you have access to a free Google search engine on your website.

If you have a non-profit website the search engine is free and you don't have to have the ads. Otherwise to get the search engine you musy have the ads, however, you can pay a small fee to have a search engine on your site without the ads.

It's a marketing consideration as to whether or not you want competitor ads on your website! It's possible to pick and choose what ads will be displayed.. For instance if you have an Alpaca site instead of other alpaca sites advertising, you might select ads about livestock equipment, panels, tractors, farming, etc., or something that is livestock related but not competitive to you.

The cost that you receive depends upon the rating of the ad. It's an interesting system that Google has setup.



DoubleClick by Google:

Purpose: DoubleClick is the ad management and ad serving technology foundation for the world's buyers, creators and sellers of digital media.

Cost: $ varies.

To get started:


YouTube: (Google owned, in case you didn't know)

Purpose: YouTube displays videos of most anything. You can use it as a marketing tool to show people what a product is, how it works, what it does, etc. Folks have videos on how to do mosty anything about alpacas on there from toenail trimming, birthing, shearing, how equipment works and many other things.. Limited by only your imagination.

Cost: $0

To get started:

  Download and educate yourself:  

Internet Marketing.doc - 7 pages

google-more.jpg - 1 page

These ebooks are good but a few years old and that's the reason why they are free and available to the public.

Due to a major bandwidth increase I have been forced to discontinue access to 101_Ways_to_Promote_Your_Web_Site_Ebookswide.pdf
You can download similar documents here:

funwithgoogle.pdf -228 pages

google-ebook-full.pdf - 27 pages

searchengineop.pdf - 31 pages